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Critics, composers, and collaborators on the musicianship of Scott Nicholas.

"His playing has power
and control ..."

"To be accompanied by Nicholas must surely feel as though one had slid behind the wheel of a finely tuned, very luxurious sports car. His playing has power and control, but most of all, he makes the other player look good. Clearly an artist in his own right, his sensitivity to the person he is accompanying is so subtle as to be nearly invisible. He is able convey light and music and air and so many colors that you forget it is a piano you are listening to, and not a brook in a wooded forest with glints of sunlight dappling the surface of the water."





    — Elisa Birdseye, "Loving Tribute to Alain"

         The Boston Musical Intelligencer, May 23, 2012

"...a fine pianist who treated the work with great nuance and sensitivity."

Kudos from Graham Gordon Ramsey, composer of "Six Preludes for Piano" from Compendium: Selected Solo Instrumental Works  (Albany Records, 2012), which features Scott Nicholas, piano; Jodi Hagen, violin; Timothy Macri, flute; and Todd Seeber, double bass.


About "Six Preludes for Piano," Mr. Ramsay says, "I do not set out with the intention to compose works that are difficult to perform, but technical virtuosity seems to be a common attribute throughout much of my writing.  The preludes are prime examples. 


"One of Boston's most in-demand accompanists..."

"Scott Nicholas is one of Boston's most in-demand accompanists, and with good reason. A solid supporter, with the ability to make the piano sound like a harmonica as easily as a concert grand, he did an outstanding job."






— Elisa Birdseye, "Weill-esque Well Done at CMCB"

     The Boston Musical Intelligencer January 13, 2012

" class."

Warm praise from violinist/vocalist/composer Tara Novak, who performs regularly with Scott Nicholas and the Three Irish Tenors.


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